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Bespoke Coaching

We coach in a way that fits your life, your events, and your training needs. Your training can include swim, bike, run, and strength and conditioning. You will benefit from information and advice from two qualified and experienced coaches for the price of one. Sessions are added to your online platform weekly so they always reflect your training needs and fit in your life for the week ahead. We are also available to talk to, motivate you, or answer questions.

Training Weeks & Holidays

We offer coached training days/weeks on Porto Santo for individuals and groups of up to 8. We will design and deliver a programme to suit you. You can train hard for maximum gains and learning during your stay or you can have a leisure activity break with time to relax as well as train. We can also coach larger groups on request. Please contact us to discuss your needs and preferences.

Our Coaching Packages and Pricing

We know that your needs as an athlete are individual.
Our pricing structure reflects the level of coaching you are looking for.
Please ask for prices in your currency if needed.

What Our Athletes Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our athletes recommend our coaching.

“Thank you again for the amazing two years! Definitely changed my mindset toward sports (and life) for the better. 🥰😁”

Catherine, Triathlete & Duathlete, 2023

“Thanks for all the help made a real difference.👌👍”

Jamie, Pan Celtic Finisher, 2023

“Thank you for all the guidance and motivation. I never imagined I could do as well as I did against others my age.”

Alf, Regional Trail Running Championships, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Which platform do you use to deliver training?

We use TrainingPeaks to deliver your training schedule. A Free Basic plan is included in the cost of coaching. You can opt to include the cost of Coach-Paid Premium if preferred. This is cheaper than subscribing directly with TrainingPeaks. We will quote the cost that is current at the time of upgrading.

Which coach will work with me?

Some of our athletes are coached by just one of us. Others prefer to be coached by both of us. The choice is yours.

How can I communicate with coaches?

We are available between 08:00 and 18:30 each day. We can be contacted by Messenger, WhatsApp, or email. We offer regular video chats to facilitate more discussion about your progress and future direction.

How far ahead is my training delivered?

We know that you need to plan ahead so will outline your training phases up to your goal event but we deliver your sessions to your calendar a week or two at a time. This is so that we are truly prescribing training which reflects your recent progress and any commitments or events you have coming up in the next few weeks.

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask only for one month’s notice if you decide to stop coaching.