Cycle Fitting

Your Best Ride Starts Here

Who Should Have A Cycle Fit?

Anyone who plans to ride a bike for any period of time should consider having their position assessed to ensure optimal efficiency, comfort and injury prevention.

All cyclists, no matter their level of experience, years of riding, or their ability, can improve their cycling biomechanics by having a thorough analysis and assessment of their unique factors. These include such things as: flexibility off the bike, current ride position, current bike set up, flexibility and adaptability to various riding positions, riding style, individuality, and riding goals.

If you have the ambition to ride a bike to the best of your ability this is where you need to start. A Cycle-Fit will optimise your riding position, help eliminate niggles, or help you decide on the best bike to meet you and your ride requirements.

In an industry which can be considered to be drowning in technology and hype, Ian aims during your Cycle-Fit process to give you effective, real-life solutions and provide you with useful, informed knowledge on positioning, technique and bike sizing.

Your personalised fit takes between 2 and 3 hours and includes:

Interview  – to find out about your cycling history and future goals.

Physical Evaluation – Considers injury history or any discomfort on and off the bike, body measurements and an assessment of flexibility and range of motion. Particular attention is paid to the key contact points with the bike. Correctly adjusted cycling shoes improve pedalling dynamics. A correct fitting saddle improves power output. Correct hand position reduces overall body fatigue. All of these in turn improve performance, comfort and safety, and therefore the ability to ride faster or for longer.

Position Analysis – After an on the bike warm up and recording of initial personal ride data, Ian will begin to work with you to identify the adjustments that can be made to posture, ride position, pedalling technique, or bike set-up.

Final Analysis – At the conclusion of your fit you will have a position data record. Ian will give you suggestions of any recommended components that you may require to achieve your optimised position.  Being suitably qualified, Ian will also discuss a recommended riding and conditioning plan to allow for adaptations to your new position to be made.